Sealine Systems Design and Installation

The design and installation of a permanent water supply  in this case  seawater is critical to the operation of any land bases aquaculture facilities, in particular that of marine species  Hatcheries and   grow-outs that support  high level biomass RAS (>80kg/m3) stocked operations.

The intake point or new water source point maybe at  shoreline  or  at  some distance from the shore (0m - 1000m) depending upon  location, tidal movements, water depth, storm water, ground water runoff, with special consideration to influences  from domestic and industrial  occupation and operations in the immediate or surrounding area.

HDPE is the logical choice of BD7 pipeline material due to strength and durability as to provide a   high quality durable intake line system from intake to the treatment plant whether the source be located at the shore line or some considerable distances to sea, ocean or river estuary.

The BD7 Sealine intake and water treatment system includes secure concrete anchoring to to the seabed (Typhoon level 15+ subject to water depth and wave exposure) multi intake heads and a purpose designed onshore seawater water treatment plant, fitted out with high flow, low head centrifugal pumps, fluidized sand filtration as to the removal of suspended sediments and high intensity UV disinfection for   pathogen removal.

The intake of water, whether it is from the ocean, a lake or river it is the lifeline, it is the umbilical cord of any successful operation and cannot be left to chance.

Do it right the first time, do it meet your demands, and do it with a BD7 design Sealine.