Raceway and Flow Through Systems

Raceway Aquaculture systems are  based upon a continuous water flowing through culture tanks or systems and generally used where a constant  water source is available from either  river estuaries, the ocean, or rivers and lakes. Stocking density is directly dependent on the cultured water flow rate through the system or tanks and the natural supporting DO levels available. Stocking density is also dependent upon salinity, temperature and overall water quality.

Species produced are usually targeted to that grown normally in local farm location as the primarily control  is that of temperature unless  pre-water temperature control is installed. Water source intake and discharge points must be address as to separation to prevent any cross contamination.

RAS specific and specialized equipment can be added in that of water pretreatment and waste treatment, temperature control and disinfection to achieve greater stocking densities and vary the species.

Ideally,  flow through system are suited to compliment larval and live feed hatchery operations and  brood stock facilities,  ‘hospital’ fish treatment areas  and quarantine tanks  for  new Brookstock  and imported fingerlings as to provide   a suitable  biosecure environments  with a  constant standard of high quality water  available to match that of  respective  fish natural habit environment.

Additionally the use of pretreatment temperature control and disinfection in hatchery operations allows supply for live hatchery feed development in that of algae, rotifers and Artemia production