Construction Technology

Initial investigative studies in each country allows BBA to address and provide valuable information on localised supply of materials as to ensure substantial development costs and operational savings. The Aquaculture industry has been traditionally high end cost with over inflated equipment pricing from US, Australian and European companies purporting to be the ‘best in the world’ RAS systems and equipment suppliers. At the same time many individuals reputing to be Aquaculture consultants/experts but fall way short of the mark. Many claim the academic qualifications yet have never grown a fish outside the test tube, let alone ventured in to the commercial world of Aquaculture or put their own hand in to their pocket to develop commercial operations.


BBA began with its own farm in Australia building international operations and a team of professional staff across many countries supported by in-house in country project design & construction teams.


BBA provides under signed Technology Exchange agreements complete engineering design (Architectural as required) including civil, structural, E&M, hydraulics and aquaculture implanted technology based upon proven RAS technologies from concept through design to construction management and commissioning.


BBA’s ‘Barrablue’ technology utilises ‘off the shelf’ plumbing, electrical and hardware components purchased locally within each country along with sourced qualified local construction companies, BBA seeks to capitalise on local expertise in conjunction with its own skilled staff.


Emphasising that many components are able to be built on site or supplied from BBA own associated manufacturing and sourcing division located in Southern China.


From Concept to construction to operations clients requirements are supported by BBA’s project management team including on site in-house BBA staff or via Satellite communication with offices in , Australia, Hong Kong and now Southern China as to meet set goals, budgets, timelines, taking in to consideration cost savings, maximise employment of local workers and trades people, including civil, contractors, concreters, plumbers, electricians and fit out trades.


BBA’s detailed contractual design documentation can be translated as required to local country language allowed for sourcing of relevant country construction materials at very competitive pricing.


With operational RAS hatcheries, nurseries and grow-out farms,combined with extensive sea cage experience and in intensive pond farming, across Australia, South Korea, South Vietnam, The Middle East, Hong Kong and now China thru technology exchange contracts and the JV agreements BBA has the practical knowledge and hands experience gained through such development and operations to meet exacting demands.


BBA's Aquaculture Technology Exchange includes a comprehensive Design and IP portfolio, of AutoCAD/ Corel Draw construction documentation coupled with 3D visual presentation, complete BOQs as for RAS Hatcheries, nurseries and grow-outs. Detailed technical design and documentation is available for sea cage, intensive ponds, raceway operations, waste water management, water purification, all of which are supported by Standard Operational Procedure (SOPs) manuals designed individually to suit each client or operation requirements.


Concept, Feasibility and P&L assessment programs can be provided as with training programs in RAS to provide a practical solution of ‘Hatch to Dispatch’