Fish Meal, Fish Oil and Fish Feed


BBA/BD7 have developed  long term relationships  in conjunction  with it aquaculture operations  of a network of  high quality (QA certified) equipment and pre-fabricated building suppliers  that can supply as required all such facilities to our design specifications complete with installation and training.

Value adding in that of Fish Meal, Fish Oil and Fish Feed operations sharing overall management cost, expanding production capacities and capitalizing on available product/resources whilst enhancing overall combined viability, more importantly it removes third party suppliers and gives overall control and cost savings to the ‘parent’ company in the supply of aquaculture products needed in the general farming day to day operations.

Fish Meal, and Fish Oil is captured from processed fish waste product  (dependent upon species) allowing for the potential development of internal fish feed manufacturing or sale to  external farms/buyers as in providing for a truly total vertical integration of all Aquaculture and related operations.