Based in  Guangzhou, Southern China, BD7 Sourcing Group offers access to reliable, high quality and  affordable   fishery and aquaculture industry  equipment and materials.

With a combined Group experience of over 30 years in China we help companies internationally to reduce their material and equipment purchase and delivery costs through the introduction of top verified manufacturers and suppliers that you can deal direct with within the Chinese market.

Our management   and sourcing team offer assistance with China visa applications, pre-qualification of suppliers/manufacturers, guided factory tours, accommodation and travel to meet your requirements.

Also available is onsite QA  verification, pre delivery check and customs clearance inspections,   assistance and the selection of  professional logistic and export  services, assuring at all times a high satisfaction rate to that as purchased is of the highest quality and quantity ordered and is delivered on time.

Please contact us for an evaluation of your requirements and that of potential cost reduction that can be expected.

High quality assured products currently being manufactured by BB7 are available, including:  



•    Fibreglass  Fish tanks complete and componentised
•    Fibreglass Artemis and Rotifer  tanks complete and componentised                              
•    Algae production reactors
•    Protein Skimmers to 120 tons
•    Oxygen cones
•    Sand filters  
•    Bead filters
•    PE  manufactured combined  Biological filtration
•    Marine and fresh water pumps
•    UV water sterilization units
•    Biological media (up to 2400m2/m3)
•    Membrane diffuser discs
•    PE drum and parabolic filters
•    Roots design Air blowers/pumps
•    Ozone and Oxygen generations
•    Backup power generators
•    Hatchery Equipment


•    Structural Frame
•    Walls (Insulated as requited)
•    Roof (Insulated as requited)                                  
•    Windows and Doors


•    Live Culture (Algae/Rotifers)
•    Grouper/ Sea bass Fingerlings                                   
•    Larval and Nursery feeds
•    Grow-out feeds


Air blower                 Aerator               Protein Skimmer             UV
Sand filter               Bead filter              Drum filter          Heat pump