Vung Tau South Vietnam

Barramundi Blue Aquaculture through a Technology Exchange contract completed in 2010  the development of a 2000 ton Grow-out RAS facility and multi species marine hatchery  in Phouc Hai, South Vietnam.  BBA was commissioned to design the overall facility, including building structures, infrastructure and Aquaculture technology installation. Geoff Orpin carried out the onsite   Construction and Project management of the US$12 million valued Hatchery and grow-out facility.

The facility commenced operations with Sea bass (barramundi). Hatchery operations followed with various species of Grouper, including, Tiger, Leopard, Mouse, orange spotted and marble as well as Pompano   

A combination of RAS Mini modules and raceways tanks  provided stocking levels at naturally aspirated levels between 55-65kg/m3kg with  increase biomass to 75-80 and120kgm3* through direct O2 injection *(Dependent times upon species, water environment and climate control to each species )

Levels of stocking densities not previously achieved within the VN Aquaculture industry and generally South East Asia, with water exchange limited to 1% per day using economical single energy resources at all times.

Proven BBA technology combined with South Vietnam traditional fish husbandry knowledge provided a challenge that resulted in an acceptable format  ensuring a bio secure,  environmentally safe, antibiotic  and chemical free environment  that has become the basis for  one of the largest private  multi species hatcheries in the southern hemisphere




Sai-Pac Hatchery supplies high quality fingerlings of Barramundi (Lates calcarifer), Pompano (Trachinotus blochii and Trachinotus falcatus), Cobia (Rachycentron canadum), Groupers (Epinephelus spp) and Malabar Red Snapper (Lutjanus malabaricus) and Barramundi being our main specie with stable and big quantity year round.

The best quality feeds are used and strict health management controls are carried out from hatchery stage by our in-house Lab Dept. who is responsible for checking the baby fish on daily basis to ensure only strong and healthy ones are grow to yield good quality commercial fish at the later stages.


The best quality feeds are used along with added vitamins and minerals to maintain fish's health and growth. Besides, fish are monitored by our in-house Lab Dept. on daily basis and provided fresh water bathing on a frequency basis to prevent parasites.


Fish are grown out in different modules as to differentiate species and ages. The different grow out modules are also good for fish health management.

Best quality feeds are used along with added vitamins and minerals to maintain fish's health and growth. Fish are monitored by our in-house Lab Dept. every day and provided fresh water bathing on a regular basis to prevent parasites. Grow-out tanks are also cleaned every week to prevent bacteria contamination.