Aquacube Transportable Systems


Aquaculture in Asia and China, as in most of the western world now one of the fastest growing industries, as such BBA continues expansion throughout South East Asia, Indo China, Southern China and Middle Eastern Countries through  Joint Venture opportunities, or Aquaculture managed Technology Exchange programs   in particular that of developing   new innovations in fish stocking, nurseries and holding facilities  using  the BBA AquacubeTM.

In simplistic terms the AquacubeTM.  is BBA's  proven Recirculative aquaculture (RAS) technology   key components, packaged and  housed within    standard GP shipping containers or 'Reefers' where temperature, hot or cold is a consideration as to form single or multi core  production units.

Either single standalone containers or multiples dependent upon production tonnage required.
AquacubeTM. technology provides for production line manufacture, prefabricated units afford logistics in shipment, minimisation as  to  site  assembly and installation including the ability to use in-country unskilled labour and tradespeople supported by   BBA's   Project Team.

Ideally  suited for remote or isolated locations, countries with limited or poor water quality availability,   disaster relief programs as to the   re-establishment of  local food industry,  assistance to the  local fishing Industry via  juvenile production units,  humanitarian  Aid as to  daily fish and vegetable production units, in particular as to assist  Third World  countries with opportunities as to  developing vital food supplies.

 The AquacubeTM. has been designed to take in to consideration
1)     A current world shortage in supply of wild caught product currently at 14% annually, such shortage growing is estimated by WHO to increase at 10%pa with many high value species disappearing or facing further loss.
2)    The need to reduce loss of high quantities of fingerlings being taken from the wild to supplement aquaculture growth, thus further reduce depleting the natural supply chain.
3)    Provide assistance   in decreasing humanitarian food supply shortage in many Asian, sub-continent countries including African and Middle Eastern Counties.
4)     Address emerging environmental concerns and health issues by the US and EU    as to quality of products produced and that of the emerging urgent need for tractability.
5)     Reduce increasing risk of industrial pollution and human contamination of product grown currently in many Asian nations.
6)    Assist in reducing the need for natural wild caught product worldwide and associated fuel supplies.
7)    To provide a sustainable alternative to the current  RAS technology systems promoted to be hybrid, a conglomeration of  ‘bits and pieces’  not  ‘complete system’ in particular  in experienced equipment companies with no actual background or hands on aquaculture  farming experience
8)    Support the need for a closed Aquaculture farming system that can provide  training, transferable skills and esteem within  a community  to both gender and age based work


a. Affordable Asian, Indo China and China labour costs to provide for economical manufacture, fabrication of the ‘Barrablue’ AquacubeTM  systems components.

b. The opportunities to Value Add to the product itself with additional opportunities including facilities for hydroponics, Aquaponics, processing units, and in larger operations the development of cooperative Fish Oil, and other fish meal products.


BBA ‘Barrablue’ AquacubeTM modularised container system with Hydroponic



Small land acquisition
Minimal building footprints
50% less cost than that of other existing Recirculating Aquaculture System
a) Return on capital investment 2-3 years depending on species commercial, humanitarian and country requirements.  
b) Industrial production line  and prefabricated components
c) Can be operated with semi and unskilled   operational labour
d) Provides for up to 50% cost reduction in energy resources
e) Ability to located quickly and efficiently in many and varied locations.
f) In country assembly from prefabricated units and supplied equipment components to meet Government or client needs capitalising on country trades and labour for installation/construction.
g) Provides for   employment to all ages and gender both in construction and operation
h) Adaptable to both Freshwater and Marine Species fish, eels and shrimp.
i) Suitable   high and low value fish as to meet commercial market or humanitarian demands.

AquacubeTM 2ton Container Model