China. RAS Multi Species Marine Hatchery and Grow-out


Barramundi Blue Aquaculture entered in to a complete Design/Construct Architecture/ Engineering and Technology Exchange  Project Management Package  in January 2012 after assisting in  the  securing of ocean front land on Hailing Doa, Guangdong Provence Southern China to develop a State of the Art intensive land based RAS Multi-species Hatchery and Grow-out operation complemented a  with Research and Development Centre. Construction of Stage 1A commenced in June 2012 with progressive development construction  through 2013 and was commissioned  Feb 2014 with  Live feed production,  extensive broodstock holding areas, larval rearing, multiple nurseries and and provision for either  advanced fingerlings or grow out to market size



 General Filtration and
equipment manufactured

  Nursery 2    Artemia Production
 Rotifer Production    Algae Production   Rotifer  Culture