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First and foremost, Barramundi Blue Aquaculture owners and staff are Aquaculture  farmers growing freshwater and marine species fish either in their own right, in partnership or through implanted technology  in Australia, South Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Iran, Libya, The Middle East  and now  developing  extensive operations in China using  self-developed  RAS Technology under  proven operational management programs.  

Barramundi Blue Aquaculture (BBA), an Australian privately owned Enterprise Company is based on the southern face of the Cardwell Ranges at Ingham, overlooking the beautiful Herbert River Valley in North Queensland, Australia.  

BBA  recognised from day 1 to be successful in  sustainable land based intensive aquaculture  farming operations whilst meeting stringent  environmental guidelines it had to competitive in the market place through  achieving  realistic biomass stocking levels,  minimising  energy costs and reducing farm overheads and labour costs. From this humble beginning BBA Recirculative Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology   evolved, growing to produce premium plate sized Australian barramundi for the Australian and international markets.

Rapidly developing to an internationally recognised Aquaculture group by 2010 under the leadership of Geoff Orpin and Cynthia Taylor its technology now spans many countries and continents with associated R&D and manufacturing facilities.


Australia farm with integrated eco tourism Include Barrablue Aquaculture Research, Development and Production Facility Mt Cudmore Ingham

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